Agile Methodology in SDLC

Agile Methodology in SDLC

we go for Agile Methodology when we have to deliver the product or project or application to the customer in short duration.

No of Teams in Agile Methodology:

  • Scrum Master.
  • Business Analyst.
  • Developer.
  • Test Engineer.
  • Customer.
  • DBA(Database Analyst).
  • Content Writer.

Scrum Master is the person who facilitates or monitor all the task perform in Agile Methodology.B.A(Bussiness Analyst)is the person who takes the requirement from the customer. Agile Act as scrum master and explain the requirement to the entire team.

Agile Methodology in SDLC

Different meetings in Agile.

  1. Epic
  2. Product grooming meeting/Product Backlog grooming meeting.
  3. Sprint Planning meeting.
  4. Daily standup meeting.
  5. Sprint Review Meeting.
  6. Retrospect Meeting.
  7. Release Sprit.
  8. User story.
  9. User Story Print.

Agile Methodology in SDLC

EPIC: It is the Complete set of requirement given by the customer for the related project.

Product Grooming Meeting: Time duration is 2 week or 3 weeks. In Product Grooming Meeting, we discuss whether the project or application is durable or not in terms of time, costs and resources.

Product Backlog Grooming Meeting: We discuss the point where some change requirement by the customer. The features which were supposed to be completed within the sprint but it is not completed, we forward the features to next sprint that features is called as a backlog item.

User Story: It is a module of an application

Sprint Planning Meeting: We discuss how many user stories we will develop and test in a sprint.

Sprint is a cycle in which we develop, test and deliver a product in agile.

Daily Standup Meeting or Scrum Call: In D.S.M or Scrum call takes place every day for 15 to 30 min in which we discuss the following points.

  • Are meeting required are not ?
  • what we did yesterday?
  • what will we do today?

Slide Bar Metting:If any several problems arise and that can’t we solve with daily standup meeting we have a provision of sidebar meeting in which we can discuss the assistance required or the conflicts we are facing.

Sprint Review Meeting: We check whether we are developing the product in the right way. we cross-check that each and every requirement is cover in the sprint so that we don’t miss out require.

Retrospect  Meeting: In Retrospect Meeting the entire team sit down and gives suggestion to the scrum master related to the team and project for better functioning.

Release Sprint: The sprint in which we hand over the product to the customer to the UAT is known as Release Sprint.

Agile Methods is used for an application that type has already been developed. 






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