Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)

Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)

hi friends before starting SDLCfirst of all you have to know some terms :

In requirement collection a set of teams that take requirement from their clients.

  1. Business analysis:BA is a person who takes the requirement from their customers,nowhere first we want to explain who is BA,but before you have to know that in a company there is two types of company, first is service-based company and second is product based  I am going to explain what is service-based company,Any customer gives the requirement to the company,on the basis of requirement,the company provides software to the customers (BA),that company is called service-based company.second is Product based company,any company which analysis the requirement of the market demand is called product based company,here which analysis the market is called product analysis (PA).

   What is Software Development Life Cycle ?

It is a step by step procedure used to develop software .It consists of various phases or stages like

  1. Requirement Collection :In this stage a set of team collects the requirement (business needs )of the customer in the form of requirement document.
  2. Feasibility Study:once the requirementted a set of teams set and analysis that given requirement is durable or not on the basis of time,cost , resources, technology.
  3. Design:Based on the feasibility study we prepare a blueprint of the application which is known as design.
  4. Coding:A set of a team known as developers start writing the code by choosing a particular programming language which is known as coding.
  5. Testing:Once the application is ready it is handed over the test engineer and starts checking the functionality of an application according to the customer requirements.during testing we may encounter some bug that needs to be reported to developers. The developer fixes the bug and sends it back to the test engineer for retesting.this process continues until the application is bug-free stable or bug according to the requirement.
  6. Installation: Once the software is developed/tested and stable it is handed over to the customer in the form of installation.
  7. Maintenance:When software is delivered to the customer they start using it and during this process,they may find the issue which needs to be fixed as soon as possible and it is done under maintenance fix.
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